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Buy Hydrogen

In 2023, Pure Hydrogen will become one of Australia’s leading integrated clean hydrogen producers and suppliers, scaling production from 1,500kg to 10,000kg per day.

Types of hydrogen we will supply includes:

  • Green hydrogen, which is produced by electrolysis, using water and renewable electricity, meaning there are no carbon emissions.
  • Turquoise hydrogen, which is produced through a process known as methane pyrolysis, using natural gas and just 12.5% of the electricity required for electrolysis.
  • Emerald hydrogen, which uses biomass and heat to produce the gas on a net-zero carbon emissions basis.



  • Key supply and redundancy agreements with national hydrogen producers to ensure we keep our promises.
  • Fixed-priced agreements with customers.
  • Flexible refuelling and delivery options to suit your operations.
  • Local ecosystems will be developed through location production, turnkey distribution/refuelling, local specialist hydrogen installers, local customer service and support.
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