Building The Hydrogen Ecosystem

Strategically developing a hydrogen economy covering all aspects of
the market from production to end-use. 


Our Mission

Pure Hydrogen (ASX: PH2) is building a network of clean hydrogen production facilities across Australia while supplying the market with multiple fuel cell products such as trucks, buses and generators.        

Our mission is to lead Australia into the net-zero future by developing a hydrogen ecosystem covering all sections of the market from production to end-use.

With a leading position in clean energy projects around the world, we will play an integral role in establishing the next generation of legacy infrastructure that will provide Australians with carbon-free power and transport for the next hundred years.


Diversified Portfolio

Strategically investing in developing an end-to-end hydrogen market while insulating our business model through a diversified portfolio of projects.

Hydrogen Production

Producing three types of hydrogen


Green Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, using water and renewable electricity, meaning there are no carbon emissions.


Turquoise Hydrogen is produced through a process known as methane pyrolysis, using natural gas and just 12.5% of the electricity required for electrolysis.


Emerald hydrogen uses biomass and heat to produce the gas on a net-zero carbon emissions basis.

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Latest News

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