Pure Hydrogen and its partners have launched a range of hydrogen fuel cell power generation units that can be used for back-up power or continuous electricity supply for industries/communities dependent on diesel generators.

Unit specifications: 

  • Available from 10kW to 1.6MW.
  • Zero particulates, low noise, less maintenance.
  • No fumes, improves OH&S, cost parity with diesel.
  • Ideal as a backup power system, an emergency power supply and power provider for construction/mining sites, remote communities, disaster locations, mobile communication towers, farms, businesses, hospitals, households, and outdoor concerts/events.
  • Real-time data of energy use in the cloud.
  • The modular concept allows a configuration exactly to your requirements, for example a fixed power system or a semi-permanent power solution.
  • The generators are ideally suited to replace standard diesel generators and to switch to emission-free hydrogen fuel cell solutions.

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